Birthing Suites

The way you choose to experience labour and birth is personal for every woman. The approach you choose will be determined by you and your doctor, supported by us.

You’ll give birth in a spacious birthing suite with an ensuite and K2 fetal monitoring system. The K2 system, enables your obstetrician to monitor your baby’s heart rate online and in real time, from admission through to delivery. There’s a range of active birth accessories including a bath for water immersion, birth balls, mats and stools.

Your support person is welcome in the Birthing Suite.

For privacy we cannot give out information about your labour or baby. Therefore it’s best your support person uses the land line provided to keep friends and family informed. We ask you to turn off your mobile phone in the Birthing Suite.

There’s a kitchenette and fridge where your support people can make beverages and snacks. Feel free to bring a celebratory drink along if you wish.

Maternity Suites - Your own private room

Once your baby is born, you’ll move into a private room on the ward. Your baby will stay with you unless they’re being cared for in the Special Care Nursery. Our experienced team will assist you with caring for your baby. You’ll love your private room with ensuite, television and direct dial phone. It’s a comfortable, quiet, calm place for mums and families to enjoy those precious early days with baby.

The support of your partner is so important, so they can stay over on the first night to be there for you and provide an extra pair of hands.

Special Care Nursery

The Special Care Nursery (SCN) is a high-dependency unit with state-of-the-art technology and facilities that provide specialised care and observation for full-term babies and premature babies needing a little extra care and attention. We understand that this can be a challenging time for parents.

The nursery is only accessible by swipe card entry and is located near the Maternity Unit and postnatal ward. It’s staffed by highly-trained neonatal nurses and midwives, a team of paediatricians rostered daily, and doctors on call 24/7.

The paediatrician who cares for your baby at birth will continue caring for them until discharge, and will visit mum and baby during their stay in the Special Care Nursery.

We encourage all parents of bubs in the SCN to participate in the care of their baby. Mums can visit 24 hours a day and we assist them with skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding and expressing.

Well Baby Area

The Well Baby Area is a gorgeous place where we bathe and weigh baby.

Our Assistance

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