Maternity Unit

To help ensure that yourexpectations are met, our caring and highly skilled team of health professionalswill help you achieve those goals by providing the best possible care for you,your baby and your family.

Our maternity suites provide a calm and relaxing space for families postbirth.

Partners are welcome to stay the first night to ease the transition into anew or extended parenting role.

Each bed has a bedside console unit that registers your need for assistance by the nursing staff. Please do not hesitate to use this when you require assistance.

We can provide support in so many ways:

  • Tours of the maternity unit
  • Preparation for parenthood classes
  • Parent education
  • Experienced,caring midwives and clinical staff
  • Paediatricians are available upon consultation with your obstetrician
  • A fully-equipped special care nursery at hand for emergencies.
  • Modern surroundings

Nepean Private Hospital has 4 birth suites each with ensuite and use the K2 fetal monitoring system. The K2 system, enables your obstetrician to have online access to your admission and labour progress in real time.

We can monitor your baby’s heart rate from admission through to delivery.

You are provided with a variety of resources that can be used during childbirth including a bath for water immersion, birth balls, mats and stools.

The suites also have a kitchenette where support people can make beverages and snacks.

Our special care nursery is available for those babies requiring extra support after birth.

At Nepean Private Hospital we understand that this can be a concerning time for parents. Our specialised nursing staff are there to provide care and comfort to you and your baby. This area and is accessible by swipe entry only.

Our Level 2 Special care nursery has 5 cots, and is available for those babies requiring extra support after birth. It is situated closely to our birthing suites and post natal ward. Providing all special care needs for both premature babies >34 weeks and full term babies, and also a Paediatrician on call 24 hours a day.

The specia lcare nursery has state-of-the-art technology and facilities to support the baby and their family. If your baby does required special care you will been encouraged to participate in the care of your baby whilst they are in SCN. Mothers are given the opportunity to visit their baby 24 hours a day and are assisted with skin-to-skin contact,breastfeeding and expressing.

The paediatrician who cares for your baby at birth will continue care until discharge, and will visit with you and your baby during their stay in Special Care Nursery.

Siblings must not visit a new baby in the Special Care Nursery if they have been feeling unwell or been in contact with other unwell children (e.g. kindergarten or play group)

Partners are welcome to stay the first night to ease the transition into anew or extended parenting role.

Any additional nights stay are charged a fee of $85 per night, this will include the cost of meals and accommodation.

If you wish to stay overnight please note the following:

  • Please notify the midwife or nurse caring for you. In the event of an emergency we need to know exactly who is in the maternity ward
  • Please remember to dress appropriately. Suitable night attire can be worn in the evenings but day clothing must be worn at all other times
  • Remember to wear footwear whilst walking around the ward or throughout the hospital.
  • Please remember that you are in a hospital and a midwife, nurse or staff member may enter your room at any time during the day or night
  • Other children are not allowed to stay overnight under any circumstances
  • Meals and drinks are provided
  • Mobile phones maybe used in your room but should not be used in the corridors.

Staying overnight is a great opportunity to assist your partner and develop your relationship as a family.

All your meals will be freshly prepared in the hospital’s kitchen. Catering staff will visit you daily and discuss menu options.

The meals are prepared in consultation with the hospital.

A dietician who is available to attend to any special dietary requirements.

All hospitalstaff will wear photo identification, including your doctor whilst on hospitalgrounds.

HealthscopeIdentification Policy states that parents should:

  • Never leave your baby/child in your room alone. Ask a nurse/family member to supervise your baby/child. This includes when you leave the room to shower
  • Do not hand your child over to anyone that you do not know
  • Request to see staff identification if you do not know the staff member
  • Question why an unfamiliar staff member may be in your room
  • Keep your baby’s bassinette/cot away from the door leading out of your room.

In a proactive, cautious response to the presence of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we decided to temporarily reduce patient visitors to the Special Care Nursery, Maternity Ward and Delivery Suite. Due to the easing of these restrictions, we have reviewed our visiting policy to the above units and are pleased to advise the new guidelines.

During your upcoming Hospital stay:

  • All day visiting for your partner / support person
  • In Delivery Suite your partner / support person plus one other support person can be permitted to be with you
  • 2 visitors per patient at a time (if partner is not visiting) during visiting hours of 1.00 pm – 8.00 pm Monday to Friday or 11.00 am – 3.00 pm Saturday and Sunday
  • Siblings may visit and be accompanied by your partner / support person and must remain in your room

Please be assured that we are acting with continued caution to safeguard the wellbeing of you and your baby and give you the best start to new parenthood. We therefore ask that other family and friends do not visit.

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